About Us 

Founded in 2016 by 2 current Certified Protection Officers in Lincoln,Ne. They have a combined experience of 17 years of professional security work. After working for a local security company and seeing many others in Lincoln they decided that a change was needed. With many inconstancies and mismanagement flaws, they saw the security environment to be in dire situation. Many security companies simply put a person at a site or on patrol with no experience or training. If they have a heart beat then that was enough. This type of security operation is detrimental to the companies or neighborhoods that are being guarded. It is also detrimental to the security guards working as well as to the general public. The founders of Axios Security Consultants knew this was wrong and now they had an opportunity to make a major shift in how most security is done. The first thing they did was to become a Certified Protection Officer through the International Foundation of Protection Officers.

With this certification they are better able to serve their clients and create a more professional security environment. They decided to have a strict employee policy. Employees have to earn their spot in the company. They implemented training requirements that are security specific that must be completed within 90 days of hiring as well as to maintain continuing education. All protection officers will also need to be certified in first aid, cpr, aed, and basic life support. The company is a smoke free company as well as a big believer in being fit for duty. All protection officers will have to complete a mandatory fitness test 2x a year as well as participate in ongoing fitness training. Not only will our protection officers be highly educated and skilled they will be examples of how other security guards should be. This demanding schedule of security training and fitness training will help ensure that Axios Security Consultants stands above all others in our market. We will give the client what they want.