Our Guards

Our security guards in Lincoln, NE, set us apart from the competition. Axios Security Consultants LLC believes that untrained guards lead to unsafe conditions for clients. Our officers follow strict employee training requirements.

We believe in being fit for duty. Our company is smoke-free, and all of our protection officers are certified in CPR, AED, basic life support, and first aid. Every guard at Axios Security Consultants LLC completes a mandatory fitness test biannually to ensure that they are prepared to meet the demands of the job.

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If you seek peace of mind, use our online contact page to learn how we can safeguard your business, site, event, and property in Lincoln, NE.

  • Physical Safety and Security Tours of Each Property
  • Review of Incident Reports & Other Foresee-ability Issues
  • Property Manual Review and Preparation
  • Review of Property Security Procedures and Equipment
  • Management and Employee Safety & Security training
  • In-house Security Rules and Procedures

Security Guards in Lincoln, NE

At Axios Security Consultants LLC, we understand how important it is to have peace of mind. Our trained security guards provide a wide range of security services in Lincoln, NE. Our clients can rest assured that their businesses, properties, and events are protected.

Axios Security Consultants LLC was founded in 2016 by two Certified Protection Officers with 17 years of combined experience in the professional security field. To assure our clients' safety, we put a strict focus on the experience and training of our security guards so you always know that our guards are up to the job.

One of our security guards in Lincoln, NE

Our Services

In today's world, there are numerous reasons why security guards are beneficial. For universities, schools, businesses, and homeowners, the reasons are simple. The officers at Axios Security Consultants LLC use their expert training to handle any situation and deter crime - making the area safer for everyone.

We provide on-site security for:

  • Businesses
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment complexes
  • Construction sites
  • Weddings and concerts

Our security guards also provide prisoner transportation and fire watch security. Additionally, we provide training on security procedures for employees to guarantee that everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

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